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Our services

While catered to your every unique need, our standard service consists of a two-hour raw bar with more shellfish than you and and your guests could possibly enjoy. We source the finest oysters, clams and more often than not include shrimp upon request. Our openers provide the boat, crushed ice, sauces and everything else necessary to guarantee the highest quality Raw Bar experience. Our presentation can be customized as necessary to compliment the essence of any type of event.

All you have to do is book us for your next event and we will confidently take care of the rest.  

Our Oysters

Nantucket boasts a long history of high-quality seafood, and it's burgeoning local oyster industry is no exception. The last decade has proven bountiful for a number of local oyster farmers and our raw bar is proud to serve up their consistently exquisite delicacies. Their ice cold, sweet, briny finish is characteristic of the Northeast Atlantic strain, and are sure to our customers satisfied.

Our clams

With some of the worlds most abundant natural clam beds located just across the Nantucket Sound, our little necks are dug daily by Chatham Fish & Lobster and delivered right to our doorstep. Their product never fails, and it doesn't hurt that they're cleaned and iced up no less than six hours prior to your event. Crisp, clean and fresh as they are, these words still don't do them justice.

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