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OUR history

The roots of the LegaSea Raw Bar Company were founded over 40 years by local raw bar legend Spanky Kania, and have since been carried on by his nephew and Nantucket native PJ Kaizer. Born and raised on Nantucket, the relatives have been connected to the local waters and seafood industry their entire lives and have hte utmost appreciation for the island's natural beauty and tight-knit community. It's LegaSea's mission to continue the traditions so pridefully established now for generations. 

pj kaizer

Peter "PJ" Kaizer Jr. is the son of renowned fishing captain Pete Kaizer Sr., and nephew to the late Stephen “Spanky” Kania, the godfather of the island's raw bar industry. In addition to a childhood spent surfing, boating and fishing PJ spent his college summers and thereafter working for his uncle's raw bar business.

After eight years learning the intricacies of the industry, PJ branched out on his own at his uncle’s advice. For the ensuing six years he operated Isle Have Another, a small-scale operation. Having an insatiable hunger to develop and expand his operation, PJ established LegaSea Raw Bar as a way to further carry the traditions his uncle established.

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