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LegaSea Raw Bar Co. is Nantucket’s premier raw bar experience. We strive to honor and continue the raw bar traditions established by our fellow islanders for generations. Clams and oysters chilled on the half shell are synonymous with any Nantucket event, and we take pride in our ability to provide a high quality, customizable service. Whether on the water, at the beach, a downtown social event or an on-site cocktail party, our team’s experience, resources and established relationships guarantee the finest quality raw bar for you and your guests.


While catered to your every unique need, our standard service consists of a two-hour raw bar with more shellfish than you and and your guests could possibly enjoy. We source the finest oysters from Malpeque Bay in Prince Edward Island, local Clams from Chatham just across sound, and more often than not include shrimp upon request. Our openers provide the boat, crushed ice, sauces and everything else necessary to guarantee the highest quality Raw Bar experience. All you have to do is book us for your next event and we take care of the rest.  

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LegaSea Raw Bar Co.

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